Why are you so different from the others?

Large companies do not always adopt an approach that truly respects the individual. Greed and the compulsive desire for growth do not always allow companies to operate in a genuinely ethical manner. For us, however, this is an indispensable value. The human being comes first and foremost.

Why should I choose you?

We stem from years and years of experience in designing and providing technological solutions for businesses. Our sole and unique purpose has always been to create real competitive value for our clients. Our race, therefore, is to create distinctive competitive value for our clients day by day; that’s what we are paid for.

Are you mindful of being politically correct?

Politically correct, yes, but without frills.Certainly, we deeply respect the human being. We are not fond of the current wordplays that some times, behind the guise of being politically correct at all costs, conceal the classic manipulations as old as time itself.

What does it mean Saap?

At Martech, we’ve coined this new term, SAAP, which stands for Service as a Performance. Martech, thanks to its role operating between marketing and technological implementations (marketing and technology), takes full responsibility for its projects. That’s why a portion of our fees is always tied to the results. Tell me, have you ever heard of paying for consulting based on outcomes?

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