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As System Integrators, we merge diverse IT systems into bespoke solutions for businesses of all sizes, from small to large enterprises. Our expertise in integrating different technologies ensures efficient and reliable IT infrastructures, crucial for business continuity. Our ability to seamlessly integrate both proprietary and third-party martech applications and infrastructures enhances business operations and maximizes technological value, providing tailored, high-performance solutions.

Problem with ICT integration for digital transformation

Does that sound familiar?

“No, no and no again!”

If you’re constantly hearing “No, it can’t be done!, No, it’s not compliant!, No, it will take too long!, No, we have other priorities!, No, we don’t have time for research and development…” Well, then maybe it’s time to look around.

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Only Time Material?

Did you ever notice that 60% of digitalization projects typically involve regular suppliers, even if they aren’t specialized in the required area? It’s common because there’s a preference for established collaborations. While these relationships may start with operational tasks, they strengthen over time, confirming reliability. Consequently, even operational work with the TIME MATERIAL approach could be an excellent way to explore our approach and open the door to otherwise unimaginable projects. Need a second opinion on an integration process where you can’t afford mistakes? It’s a great way to get to know us! Who says you have to focus on big projects only? Right now, thousands of businesses are tirelessly working to upgrade their infrastructures, ensuring they remain stable and secure. Today, the time and materials approach is commonly applied to continuous tasks, yet it often reveals opportunities to gradually enhance a company’s tech architecture from the bottom up.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our time and material service model offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to scale your IT resources up or down based on current project demands, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Expertise on Demand

Gain access to specialized skills and expertise precisely when you need them. Our team of experts is ready to tackle complex challenges, bringing in-depth knowledge and experience to your projects.

Cost Transparency and Control

With the time and material model, you pay only for the hours worked, providing clear cost visibility and allowing for better budget control and allocation.

Innovation and External Perspectives

Adopting an external collaboration in a time and material mode allows for an innovative input and “out-of-the-box” solutions, thanks to the diverse experience and competencies acquired in various contexts and successful alternative projects.

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