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Change Management

Drive change with proven best practices.

People Management

Plan and manage employee workforce to increase productivity.

Engagement Management

Engage your emoloyee for a full cooperation and create invincible teams

Performance Management

Give an incentivation and success fee boost your teams to achieve a new productivity paradigms.

Training and Coaching

Check  skill of your teams and give upskilling them for a new approach to market.

Digital ROI Estimation

We measure the ROI of digital investments predictively with artificial intelligence.


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You will be working with experience gained from successfully completed projects in your specific sector. This gives us the guarantee of exploiting the best experiences already operating competitively on the market


Every product and vertical is the result of collaborations with industry professionals, whether it’s sales management, HR employee management, or performance incentive systems, these are always the outcome of teamwork with the most prominent professionals in the field.

Trust Worthy

We have developed tools and platforms that have been working with clients for years and evolve with them in their respective markets. This is a tangible proof of strength in research and technological development, a claim not everyone can make.

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Our Applications


The first gamification platform. Whappy is an operational layer that allows you to create front end applications through gamification for your employee population, sales network and corporate networks. The platform is designed to give sales, HR and operations leaders the ability to directly impact their networks by self-modeling month-to-month sprints, without going through laborious internal technology departments.

  • Optimize Learning with Interactive Modules: Utilize the LMS module and virtual coaching features to offer personalized learning experiences that align with individual employee needs and organizational goals.

  • Streamline Workforce Operations: Leverage workforce functions to create custom workflows that reflect your organization’s unique structure and operational processes, enhancing efficiency and clarity within the organizational chart.

  • Drive Employee Engagement and Motivation: Empower employees and incentivize participation with interactive gamification modules, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

  • Facilitate Competition and Recognition: Manage contests, rankings, and awards to recognize and reward employee achievements, encouraging healthy competition and boosting morale across teams.

  • Align Goals and Track Progress: Utilize OKR management to set objectives and measure key performance indicators (KPIs), ensuring alignment with strategic priorities and providing real-time visibility into progress and outcomes.

  • Harness Data for Insights and Improvement: Utilize people analytics to gather actionable insights into employee performance and engagement, enabling informed decision-making and continuous performance management practices.

logo Whappy Gamification Platform


The leading CRM product in Italy in the credit intermediation sector for business solutions. The only solution capable of uniting the entire practice management process in a single solution. Darete now with the power of AI can give further speed to this process, obtaining a further reduction in application acceptance times and total reliability in the creditor’s evaluation.

  • Comprehensive management of practices with banks and third parties for approval, streamlining and optimizing the negotiation and management process.

  • Implementation of digital signature or use of SPID, relieving the intermediary from the burden of “adequate verification” and ensuring greater speed and security in transactions.

  • Integration of leads to nurture sales force and improve performance on new clients, enabling more efficient contact management and increasing business opportunities.

  • Compatibility with all major management systems and third-party platforms, respecting compliance, without compromising the existing IT ecosystem of the company, ensuring a smooth transition and seamless integration.

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Loyalty and Sales Incentive program

Explore how customer or employee loyalty can be effectively managed using new technologies. Discover a platform capable of keeping your target audience engaged through gamification, a method that transforms each individual into your strongest advocate.

In today’s world, engaging your customers or sales network to participate is becoming increasingly challenging. Traditional loyalty programs are now struggling to keep up with the exponentially rising level of expectations. With the next-generation platform, it’s now possible to create compelling and extraordinary stories in just a few hours and customize your loyalty program beyond what you can even imagine. Discover Loyalty programs with Gamification.

  • Create drag-and-drop mechanics and promotions.

  • Assign KPI values and objectives without writing any programming code.

  • View reactions, rankings, and real-time results in your control dashboard.

  • Reward and celebrate the victories of each seller or team, and display rankings with customizable visualization. Celebrate each individual’s progress with notifications and badges, highlighting their achievements.

  • Find all accounting and management elements already prepared for your administration, eliminating duplicate work for the accounting department.

Gamification MasterCLass

Gamification Masterclass is the leisure and workshop experience in the Canary Islands to bring innovation to organizations through change management. With this training course, problems such as internal resistance, communication difficulties and understanding the value of innovation will no longer be a problem. With this Masterclass you enable your Team to change.

  • Merge Your Leisure Time with Learning: Engage in a Gamification masterclass to transform your downtime into an opportunity for growth and development.

  • Understand the Motivational Dynamics: Gain insight into the motivational framework of gamification and learn how to effectively apply it to drive change within your organization’s management strategies.

  • Foster Innovation and Collaboration: Join a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about leveraging gamification to develop innovative solutions for companies facing change and transformation challenges.

  • Empower Yourself and Your Teams: Take proactive steps to introduce change into your personal and professional life, empowering yourself and your teams to adapt to new circumstances and thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Gamification Masterclass
Gamification Masterclass

RWA (Real World Asset) Business Tokenization

Discover with us the new business models based on tokenization. Find out how the markets will soon change and how to exploit Blockchian technology and security to guarantee the future of your business from any new moments of crisis. Renew your business model now to prepare for the future.

  • Discover the future of the RWA market through asset tokenization and the interoperability of digital resources and services. Uncover the imminent emergence of novel business models stemming from this transformation.

  • You’ll discover that tokenization makes payments fast and affordable, cutting out financial middlemen and speeding up both domestic and international transactions.

  • You’ll use tokenized ownership to easily access funding, allowing investors to buy small shares and diversify portfolios.

  • You’ll grasp the benefits of tokenization, ensuring traceability and authenticity of products throughout the supply chain, boosting consumer trust and enhancing company reputation.

  • You’ll harness the power of process automation through blockchain smart contracts and integration with emerging technologies to increase operational efficiency and seize new opportunities for business innovation.

RWA for your business: 100 REASONS to issue a UTILITY TOKEN for YOUR ORGANIZATION: The first guide explaining how to create and distribute Utility Tokens

We bring you the best possible solutions for your business.

We bring you the best possible solutions for your business.

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