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The Design Thinking journey is a three-day training in some of the most beautiful places in the world, a workshop offered by Martech Revolution to acquire the mindset of the co-design methodology applied to change, and learn how to use it within the company. This experience involves using work tools and methods specifically developed to drive change and then spread it within their organizations.

Think Thank for co-design in digitalization, get full adoption in new digitalization tools

Sound familiar to you?

“The big bosses decided it, huh… well, I don’t buy it!”

Have you ever heard this phrase? This happens when the process of change and innovation hasn’t been shared with everyone, leaving some behind. The solution? Create training paths for sharing that also allow your resources to grow.

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Embrace Our Four Pillars for Transformative Success

In the dynamic world of Digital Thinking, our approach is built on four foundational pillars: Training, Experience, Inspiration, and Networking. Together, these elements equip individuals and organizations with the tools and mindset needed to navigate complex challenges and unlock innovative solutions. Discover the use of new methodologies to stimulate creative thinking and help your employees enhance their leadership. We can create business game paths, co-design tables, and think tanks capable of changing employees’ perspective on your organization. Join us as we dive into each pillar, exploring how they contribute to a comprehensive and transformative approach to Digital Thinking.


The training pillar focuses on educating and developing the skills needed to embrace Design Thinking. Through training, individuals and teams enhance their problem-solving capabilities, learning innovative methods to tackle complex challenges.


Experience in Design Thinking means directly living the process, from immersing in the problem to prototyping solutions. This hands-on approach helps learn by doing, adapting, and innovating based on received feedback.


Inspiration is the spark that fuels innovation in Design Thinking. By stimulating creativity, individuals and teams are encouraged to imagine out-of-the-box solutions, exploring new possibilities and visions to overcome challenges.


Networking in the context of Design Thinking facilitates connections between professionals, promoting idea exchange and collaboration. This network becomes a valuable resource for sharing experiences, resources, and growing professionally together.

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